Power4Patriots Posts Controversial Video Exposing Cover-Ups behind High Electric Bills

(Nashville, TN) — According to a video posted on the Power 4 Patriots website, Americans are paying entirely too much for their electric bills and could be more self-reliant, if only they knew how. According to Frank Bates, creator of the Power For Patriots system, “I'm going to show you how I beat them Electric Companies and how you can beat them too!”

Bates, co-creator of this revolutionary new plan, explains, “No doubt you’re terrified about how you’ll keep your family safe and warm when a power crisis happens (and you know it will happen). Here’s the dirty little secret the big energy  monopolies have been trying to bury. The shocking truth is that having power rates skyrocket is actually all part of their plan! Some would call it a “conspiracy.” Others have called it a massive “cover up.” And even more alarming, this conspiracy runs all the way to the top. You are being played like a puppet!”

These are big words for this Power4Patriots creator, but he continues, “our government isn't ready to handle the situations that are coming our way. They’re not ready to handle much of anything. Ask anyone who lived through Hurricane Katrina! The cold hard truth is that our power grid is completely outdated, not to mention incredibly vulnerable to terrorist attacks and natural disasters. And no one in the government even seems to care! They keep telling us “everything is fine” and that we don’t need to worry about it.”

So, what's the solution? Bates and his co-creator, Brian Clark, an underground solar power expert who has built power systems all over the world that are completely “off the grid,” have come up with a series of Do-It-Yourself videos and manuals showing how to build your own solar panels, wind turbine, solar water heater and solar heater. And it works amazingly well, says Bates, who has tried the system first hand. “From the very first month I had my system up and running, I started to see my electric bill go down for the first time ever. And it just kept getting better!”

This system, sold at his website, http://power4patriots.com/video, is up and ready, for now. But Bates worries about how long consumers will be able to learn the truth. “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to leave this site up. Because this web page contains a lot of information that the big power companies (and their “lap dogs”, the government regulators) don’t want you to know.” Bates explains.

Bates is after the common man to take the bull by the horns and take on the government and the major utilities, once and for all. “You know that corporate America, (not to mention Big Government), really doesn’t like it when patriots like you and me decide to take matters into our own hands and take charge of our own lives, but we can’t afford to sit on our hands and do nothing while our country dives into a tailspin.” He says, emphatically. “You can get off the grid, kick your  “power addiction,” and finally know what it feels like to be in control.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Frank Bates, Power4Patriots, 2006 Acklen Ave, Box 121709, Nashville, TN 372121

Have you ever wanted to make your own electricity? A home made power plant can be a fun and educational project that helps to reduce monthly expenses. With just a few items and a little patience you can build your magnet motor.

A magnetic generator is an electromechanical device that creates an electric current from mechanical motion. A coil of tightly wrapped wires, surrounds a series of magnets that are free to rotate about an axis in the middle of the coil. In the presence of a changing magnetic field, called flux, an electromotive current is produced that can power electric devices. The type of current produced is Alternating Current and is the class found in any home outlet.

A person can either choose to physically design the alternator/generator, or can use an existing one and install it within a production and storage system that is designed by the user. This can be done inexpensively and with a little patience.

The electric current comes from the changing magnetic field as a result of the spinning magnetic core in the alternator. Similarly, some people may opt to use a dynamo to produce direct current. This would necessitate an inverter to change the type of current for everyday use. Any thing can be used as the mechanical drive, whether bicycle or windmill, if it turns the shaft should work.

For the purposes of most common electronics alternating current (AC) is favored as it is the common type of power available in houses. Power stored in a battery is available to use only as direct current (DC). In this case an inverter needs to be installed that converts DC current to AC current.

To feed the generated power back into the power grid, the battery bank must be wired to the house fuse box. This can be a dangerous job if the person is not experience in electric work. For this part it may be a good idea to seek a professional electrician. The benefit of this work, is that you can actually sell the excess power generated back to the local power company.

A magnetic energy generator, more appropriately called an electric generator, can help you be a part of the green economy. In addition can prove to be educational experience that sheds light on how technology works. A person should do their homework before starting this project and consult a professional when necessary.

First of all it doesn’t take a lot of skill or specialized knowledge to know how to make a xylophone at home.

There are a number of reasons as to why you should consider building a xylophone yourself instead of spending lots of money buying one. The cost of buying a xylophone can vary from just a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you made this wonderful musical instrument with your own hands.

With that in made you will probably want to know what you will need to make a xylophone at home?

The first thing that you will need is step by step instructions which are easy to follow. Fortunately this sort of information is easy to aquire online. There are a number of sites that you can go to which will provide plans for building xylophones, marimbas, glockenspiels, and other similar instruments.

The next thing that you will need is a set of tools. There is a good chance that you already own the tools that are required for a project such as this. You will need a set of screwdrivers, a wood saw, a drill for drilling holes, a wooden mallet, and a sander. If you already have an attachment for your drill which can sand, even better.

Next you will need some materials. Wooden xylophones are the best ones to try and make. Not only do they look very professional, they also have a wonderful tone to them. The frame of the instrument needs to be constructed of wood. To get a great sound, the pieces that are actually going to make the music, the tone bars, should be made from some type of hardwood. Rosewood is generally regarded as the best type of hardwood to use. However there are cheaper options such as cardinal wood or even oak.

You should definitely use some type of hardwood as the pitch is so much better. However you can also use fiberglass. The advantage of using this material to make a xylophone at home is that it humidity and temperature variations will not affect it. The only disadvantage is that fiberglass may be a little more difficult to work with compared to building a xylophone from wood.

The actual time that it takes to build a homemade xylophone all depends on how much time you are able to dedicate to your project.

If you have some basic tools, a little belief in yourself, and a set of step by step plans to follow, then there is absolutely no reason as to why you cannot make a xylophone at home.

Most home electrical installations have an ELCB of one type or the other installed at their electrical panels. Many electricity users also do check to make sure that the ELCB does work.

However, is the checking enough to make sure that the household members are protected from the electric shocks the ELCB is supposed to protect them from?

This aspect of the electric shock protection seems to have deceived many ordinary electricity users for a long time.

Checking the health of the ELCB is simple and you can do it easily. While the electricity is on (i.e. not during the mains blackout) just open the electric panel cover, locate the ELCB unit and the TEST push-button on it. The test push button will test whether the ELCB unit is working properly or not.

Then gently push the TEST push button on it. If it trips (i.e. the ON/OFF switch will snap and drop to the lower position. You can see the OFF label or symbol), then the ELCB is working properly.

Since the ELCB is working properly, then you are safe, right?

Wrong. The test facility provided on the home ELCB will only confirm the health of the ELCB unit, but that test does not confirm that the ELCB will trip when an electric shock hazard does occur. It is a really sad fact that all this while this misunderstanding has left many homes totally unprotected from the risk of electric shocks.

This brings us to the second requirement for the proper operation of a home shock protection system, which is the electrical grounding.

You can think of the ELCB as the brain for the shock protection, and the grounding as the backbone. Without a functional grounding, there is totally no protection against electrical shocks in your house.

An improperly grounded electrical system is a serious hazard in anywhere, not just at home. Unfortunately that is the most common violations of the electricity bylaws. This shows how prone people and companies are to overlook how important the electrical grounding is.

Check your home ELCB once a month if you can, and after every thunderstorm to make sure it is still working and not burned out by the lightning surge current.

However, the electrical grounding system must also be functioning for the shock protection system to work. The grounding needs to be checked annually, or every two or three years by a qualified electrician. However, it is best to have it checked by the home-owner regularly at shorter intervals to discover any faults that may have been caused by factors other than the natural degradations.

Just remember that a good working ELCB alone will not provide the protection from electric shocks.

Are you a stay at home mom? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or depressed? Maybe you have experienced postpartum depression. The mood swings from hormone imbalances during and after pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman’s mental stability. If this sounds like you, then this article should help.

There is no real diagnosis or designation for moms that stay at home and become depressed. It results from the simple fact of staying at home all day alone or feeling alone even if there is a child or children present. This type of depression is sometimes undiagnosed and perplexing even though it is very real to the mom who is experiencing it. If the depressive state becomes too deep, seek medical help.

One cause of this type of depression can come from the lack of feeling like you do not fit in. The lack of a job along with the absence of seeing friends daily, compounded with an insufficient amount of money can lead to a depressive state of mind. This feeling of isolation can make a stay at home mom climb into her shell and not share her feelings with others. Sometimes this situation is by choice, but more often than not the cost of daycare makes it impossible for the mom to work and just break even. In this case, it does not make much sense to work at all.

The cost of childcare can force a woman to stay at home with her children until they reach the age they can start elementary school. This feeling of entrapment can bring on a depression mood. She may feel sad, worthless or tired all day. She may experience stomachache, headache, body pains and have trouble eating, sleeping and other symptoms of depression.

The causes of a stay at home mom’s depressive symptoms may vary. Most of the time it is the feeling of worthlessness because of a lack of income. Most women have a better feeling of self-worth if they can provide for themselves and have their own spending money. Another cause can be the girl friend effect. The lack of social networking with her girl friends and other adults can bring on a feeling of isolation. Listening to whining, crying, screaming kids all day can work on the nerves. It is a good feeling sometimes to just be around a group of adults that are quiet and enjoying each other’s company.

Another cause of stay at home moms’ depression is the lack of sleep. With children, come midnight feedings and diaper changes along with a sense of restlessness for a mother who feels uneasiness as their child sleeps. This lack of sleep can also bring on eating disorders. Late night or middle of the night eating can interrupt her sleep pattern as well.

These are just a few reasons stay at home moms can experience depression. For more help on this and other issues, read on…

Whether a person is searching for a new home or constructing a new building, much attention should be given to the exterior siding. The exterior siding will most likely be the first thing that people see when they look at the building, and it is a major factor in the durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of a home. Luckily, there are a variety of exterior siding options to choose from.


Stucco siding is growing in popularity and is made from cement, water, sand, and lime. The stucco material usually covers wooden walls and has a smooth, seamless look. Genuine stucco is very durable and solid. Although it may absorb moisture, it dries easily without incurring damage. And stucco can also be tinted a variety of colors and never has to be painted.

Wood Clapboard

Wood clapboard is another type of siding and is made of natural woods, such as cedar, pine, or spruce. Older homes often have wood clapboard siding, and many find wood clapboard siding to be finer and more aesthetically pleasing than other types of siding. It comes in a variety of styles and finishes and can be stained rather than painted; however, wood clapboard must be regularly maintained in order to prevent rot and other damage.


Brick is another popular exterior siding that is made of fired clay and is known for its long-lasting durability. Brick comes in many different colors like red, orange, brown, and other earthy colors. Solid brick homes rarely require patching or repair in the first 25 years as they are resistant to all types of damage; however, brick is one of the most expensive sidings available.

Fiber Cement

Another popular type of siding is cement fiber, which is a synthetic material that can be made to look like wood, stucco, or masonry. Fiber cement is made from cement mixed with sand, cellulose fiber, and other additives. It is durable and easier to maintain than other materials it resembles and is also resistant to termites and fire.


The most popular type of exterior siding in the United States is vinyl. Made from plastic, vinyl siding will not rot or flake as other sidings might. Although vinyl may fade or crack over time and is not as durable as wood or brick in severe weather conditions, it is one of the cheapest types of siding to purchase and install. Vinyl siding also comes in many different colors and never needs to be painted, although it should be periodically washed.

Kitchen is one of the favorite portions of women in our home. We design every part of our home to enhance the look and feel but not the kitchens. Many people see kitchen interior designing as a luxury thing and waste of money. In modern world, men adapt technology to make them convenient in every day to day activity. So as women, Modular Kitchens can transform the every home by facilitating the cooking process. A neat and clean pantry can lead you to live a healthy life. Importantly women at home, depends on family and cares for her lovable husband and children all the day. She might need some rest. Modular kitchenette provides the women more interest to work as it so convenient, and keeps her peacefully.

There are various types of modular kitchen which can create eye catchy appearance. The different styles you can choose are L shape, G shape, U shape, T shape, parallel type, and straight type which advantage in work triangle at your galley. Every type has some specialty in offering good ventilation, work partition, storage, banquette space, and appearance.

In old days, kitchen is a part of home and it requires no attention. At present, people gathers as community during parties, festivals, and entertainment in pantry with friends, blood relations and more. Unlike home, kitchen designing needs traditional outlook, women cares for it. There are designs based on tradition. They are Indian, Italian, German, and European.

It is essential to care a lot in designing your caboose. Several important factors you need to consider while modeling your kitchenette are listed

Expansive Kitchen Space that does not interrupt work functions Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Accessories Kitchen Utensils Kitchen Appliances Designer Kitchen Furniture’s Kitchen Flooring Tiles Design and Color Kitchen Air and Light Ventilation Cook Kitchen Wall Paintings Kitchen Doors

The above listed features are carefully noted while planning your new layout which brings magnetic appeal to your bakery and home as well. There are lots of brands offering you a pleasing caboose that impress guests as well as promise your health for long time. You can find the brands listed below for consideration during your layout kitchen transformation. The Chilliez, Evok, Fuego, Gilma, Godrej Interio, Venita Cucine, IFB, Oren, Scavolini, Sleek, Hacker, Zuari are well familiar brands in Industry with worldwide reputation.

Thus Kitchen Transformation is essential in every home to facilitate cookery process and for healthy living.

Sulekha.com offers its brand new marketplace kitchen.sulekha.com for all Modular kitchen Needs

When you purchase jewellery, you want to buy a best designer and fashionable jewellery that means the jewellery must have the good design, fashionable, quality, good looking, warranty and many more. Homeshop18 offers best golden, gemstone, pearl, stones, silver and diamond jewellery in lowest price. Please have a look below some detail of jewellery items.

(1). Bracelet Model No: ABVO53 Silver


.Silver with Oxidized Jali look
.Center piece studded with high quality Crystals in a Black & Silver Bracelet string around the wrist
.A beautiful piece of jewellery!

(2). Gili Diamond Earrings Model No: GEL274

Gili has created a niche, offering high quality, fine finish, machine-made and branded Diamond-studded Designer Jewellery.

Much more, Every Gili piece has its own story to tell of love chat’s treasured and priceless.


.Gold Weight: 2.65gms, No. of Diamonds: 34
.Diamond Weight: 0.250 Cts., Diamond Quality: VVS/GH
.Gold Carat: 18K, Gold Colour: Yellow

All weights are indicative, The product image is indicative and not true scale
All Gili products are supported by “Gili Guarantee Card”, Certifying Quality of Gili Jewellery

(3). Sterling Silver Emerald Ring Model No: R-489E


.Item Specifications: Gift this pretty rings to your dear ones
.Metal Type: .925 Sterling Silver, Rhodium Plated, Nickel Free
.Gemstones: Genuine Emerald & Diamond
.Shapes & Sizes:

.Emerald Oval 7x5mm (3), Diamond Accents 0.002cts (2)
.Total Gemstone Weight: 2.55carats, Item Weight: 3.37grams (Approx.)
.Ring Size: 12 to 18, (Ring size as per customer’s choice)

(4). Pearl Necklace with Pendant Model No: MDSNP-12


Beautiful Pearls and Tiger eye Bead, Necklace with a metal gold plated Pendant, Necklace Length: 17

(5). Daisy Gold Earrings

Daisy Gold Earrings: Express your love towards your valentine by gifting her Designer collection gold earring studded with American diamond stones.

Gold? Weight: 2.3 gms, Gold Purity: 18 ct, Stones Type: CZ-American Diamond

(6). Snake Gold Chain

Product Details:

Snake Gold Chain: An elegant, no-frills, aesthetic gold chain with a snake pattern design for those who believe that beauty lies in simplicity along with a fresh water pearl tops absolutely free.

? Gold Weight: 5 gms, Gold Purity: 22 ct, Chain Length: 15 inches

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Today a lot of people working online and making money at home face with great quantity of problems which are specific to those who work from home on the internet. I think that these obstacles will take a large shape in following next years at the time when most people in the society will start working at home online.

Getting money online from the home today at its beginning and most of its obstacles are undiscovered and unstudied. The tendency of working from home and earning money online can pose several serious threats to the social structure other than a quantity of problems for individual at family level.

Working from the home on the internet could be compared with the working in a virtual office and virtual environment where everything that exists now might not exist tomorrow or even after few hours.

There are some disadvantages of earning money online. First of all, you do not have enough time for your family. All people earning money online face with the problem that it is very challenging to balance between work and family. There could be moments when there is no time for family and it could be very hard to concentrate on the online work. It could be that a person is absolutely absorbed by some online project for hours or even days and it is very hard to find any time for family.

The other problem is that there is no time or place just to relax. You are working in one place full time and now the place that was designed for relaxation now plays the role of your office. In many cases earning money associated with some stress which traditionally come and go, but with online work all these things happen in a place that someday was designed for relaxation.

During some stressful periods there is absolutely no time to relax because the solution of this problem lies in more work and spending more time online. Also there is a problem of where to relax because it is very difficult to relax at the place where you used to work.

While earning online there is no social interaction. When we are earning money online from the comfort of our home, we hardly move outside because we are earning a really good money, we like to work more and earn more money because of the human greedy nature. On the other side in the case we are not earning money but in contrast are losing it, then we like to make some changes in our work therefore we are going to spend more time online at home. It means that we do not interact with the society and spend more time in online society.

If you are looking for the best home NAS to consolidate your data, music and media files then you want to buy the best home network storage you can for the money. A home NAS device is an investment that should last you quite a few years if you buy the right one.

The right buying guidance will help you determine what features and benefits are important to you and will actually be useful in your home.

Some people want a home NAS solely for the purpose of backing up their individual computers. For that you may not be interested in NAS RAID to protect your data from a hard drive failure since it is only serving as a backup to other hard drives. Sooner or later, though, you will find yourself storing something on there that is NOT just a backup file and ultimately can lead to heartache when the inevitable crash occurs.

All hard disks will eventually fail. No exceptions. Any hard drive that does not fail on you is a hard drive you did not own long enough. Hard drives are like light bulbs, they can last a week or a decade. Most, though, fail somewhere in between.

My guess is that once you see how much you can really do with the best home NAS devices out there you will want to start taking advantage of those features.

If you are like most people and are using your new home network storage device to consolidate all of your music, movie and data files from all of your computers you may decide that the ability of the better NAS devices to automatically copy your files to an online backup service with a reasonable annual fee is a great option.

Let’s face it, most backups just do not happen unless they are setup to work automatically.

Another really cool feature is that you can download movies, which are usually pretty large, straight to your home NAS that is connected to the home network and then stream that movie to your PlayStation, XBox or even right to your new HDTV to watch.

Many cheap NAS devices available do not have the ability for media streaming and other cool multimedia functions like the best home NAS devices will.

Another item that you will want to take into consideration is how many hard drives you want the home network storage device to contain. Most will hold at least two and offer to “mirror” those in a RAID1 array.

Larger units of four or even six hard drive bays give you the option of starting out with only a couple of hard drives and then expanding later on. It is best to ensure that the NAS device you buy is able to expand the storage area without having to backup your data, reconfigure the unit with the new or larger drives and then restore your data back onto it.